If you accept the premise, you accept the bit

Folks, you are making this way way way too complicated.

Johnny Carson had a saying, “If you accept the premise, you accept the bit.”

  1. Premise:“Government not part of the solution. It is part of the problem.”
  2. The Bit: “As a government official, your job is to create problems. Problem solving is contrary to your premise.”

Somewhere in the 90s it dawned on conservatives that civility, compromise and actually being useful (eg Katrina reaction) were off message.

Progressives, we have to get a little more pro about this. Don’t underestimate your opponent by constructing narratives based on the idea conservatives are lunatic hypocrites. They aren’t. The ruling plutocrat’s who own DC and many state governments need government to be dysfunctional so that they can continue their activities. Plutocrats are buying a product, and conservatives are delivering.


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